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Branches of the Kingdom of Lochac

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Australia ("the Continent")

SCA groups in Australia may be located by searching on a Postcode or a Town or a Suburb. [search hint]

A wildcard (* or %) may be used in a town or suburb name, but to get the smallest result set and the fastest response time, try to use as much of the name as you know. (e.g. using "melb*" to find a group in Melbourne will give better results than using "m*").




New Zealand (Crescent Isles)

SCA groups in New Zealand are divided by telephone prefix, and their contact details are in the full alphabetical listing:

(03) South Island - Barony of Southron Gaard

(04) Wellington - Shire of Darton

(07) Hamilton, Waikato, etc - Canton of Cluain

(09) Auckland & Northland - Barony of Ildhafn

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